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Who We Are

The best of Nigeria and Africa all in one place.

Welcome to nawiwi, the truly African marketplace that transcends borders, connecting the best of Nigeria and Africa to the world. Our mission is to elevate made in Nigeria, made by Nigerians, made in Africa and by African products and creations to the world by providing a dynamic platform for people seeking authentic and the best quality products and the latest innovations. From local artisans in the remotest corners of the continent to global entrepreneurs, nawiwi is the nexus where authenticity and excellence meet international taste for quality and style.

nawiwi is more than just a marketplace; it’s an immersive experience that brings the essence of Nigeria and Africa’s communal life to bare in a fast-paced digital world. Whether you’re a buyer exploring made in Nigeria products or a vendor showcasing your amazing creations, nawiwi sets the stage for global connections that promises value for everyone. Just as our name portend, we work hand in hand with our users to ensure they enjoy the pristine African marketplace hospitality. Our refund policy is designed to foster a fair and transparent ecosystem for both vendors and buyers. We invite you to explore nawiwi, where every transaction embodies the spirit of togetherness.

  1. Information Collection
    • Personal Information: Types collected by nawiwi and Non-Personal Information
  2. Information Use
    • Purpose Overview: Clearly stating the reasons for collecting information
  3. Data Tracking Technologies
    • Use of Cookies and Identifiers and User Control Options
  4. Information Sharing
    • Involvement of Third Parties – Emphasis on Transparency in Sharing Practices
  5. Security Measures
    • Outline of Data Security Protocols, Highlighting Encryption for Data Transmission Security
  6. User Rights and Access
    • How Users Can Access Their Personal Information, Management Options for User Privacy Preferences
  7. Children’s Privacy
    • Age Limitations for Users, Guidance for Parents on Monitoring and Controlling Child’s Online Activity
  8. Legal Rights
    • Assurance of Compliance with Privacy Standards
  9. Policy Updates and Revisions
    • Commitment to Notify Users of Changes and Specification of Regular Privacy Policy Reviews and Updates
  10. Conclusion
    • Reassurance of Nawiwi’s Commitment to User Privacy and Encouragement for Users to Regularly Review the Privacy Policy for Updates


Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Unleashed: Your Security, Our Commitment

At nawiwi, we’re not just about connecting buyers and vendors; we’re dedicated to safeguarding your personal information with the utmost care and commitment. Our dynamic and transparent privacy policy ensures that your online journey with us is not just secure but positively transformative. Your security is our priority—experience the freedom to explore, engage, and shop with confidence on nawiwi.

By Using nawiwi Services, You Are Directly Consenting To The Practices Described In This Privacy Policy, Otherwise, You May Discontinue And Log Out At This Stage.


  1. Information Collection

Personal Information and Non-Personal Information

The information we gather or receive concerning you is contingent upon the nature of your engagements with nawiwi, the configuration of your account, and the decisions you make, encompassing your privacy preferences. The handling of your personal information is influenced by factors such as the specific services, features, or interactions you engage with, your geographical location, and the pertinent legal requirements.

We collect information from you in various ways: directly from your input when using nawiwi Services, automatically through your interactions with our services and content, and from other sources, such as updated address details from carriers. While providing certain information is optional, choosing not to consent may limit your access to many nawiwi Services. Our automatic data collection involves the use of cookies and other identifiers, tracking your engagement with products, content, and services.


The information collected includes, but not limited to – User-provided personal data during registration and transactions


  1. Information You Provide to Us
  • Identity data, contact data, biometric data, delivery address, and financial data.
  • Specific types of personal data, including contact details, demographic information, online registration details, payment information, and responses to questionnaires, competition entries, and marketing preferences.

III. Automatic Collection and Third-Party Data

  • Automatic collection of information related to nawiwi Platform usage (searches, views, downloads, purchases).
  • Receipt of information from third parties, such as carriers, payment service providers, merchants/brands, and advertising service providers.
  • Personal data related to devices, website/app usage, personal preferences, interests, and geographic location.
  1. Examples of Personal Data
  • Name, age, and predicted age range.
  • Information about the device, operating system, browser, and IP address.
  • Unique identifiers associated with the device.
  • Details of visited web pages and online product interactions.
  • Duration of website/app usage, date, and time of visits.
  • Personal data within user-generated content (e.g., blogs, social media postings).
  • Social media username or ID, social media profile photo, and other profile information (e.g., number of followers).
  • Interactions with chat-bots (We may also receive information from you through your use of chat-bots, digital assistants, or other interactive bots across the Nawiwi Platform.)
  • Device and contact data (If you grant permission in your device settings, certain features may have access to your device and contacts.)
  • Risk management, cyber-security & anti-fraud providers: We may receive personal information from third parties that help us assess risks associated with our services at nawiwi, which will help combat fraud and any other illegal activity and to help protect your personal information.
  • Data providers: We may receive information from information services and data licensors that provide demographic and preference information to us.


Information Use

  • Purpose Overview: Clearly stating the reasons for collecting information

nawiwi uses your personal information for various purposes aimed at operating, providing, developing, and enhancing the products and services offered to customers. These purposes include facilitating the purchase and delivery of products and services, handling orders, processing payments, and communicating about orders, products, services, and promotional offers. Additionally, nawiwi utilizes personal information to provide, troubleshoot, and improve the functionality of its services, analysing performance, fixing errors, and enhancing usability.

Recommendations and personalization are key aspects where nawiwi uses your personal information to suggest features, products, and services tailored to your interests, identifying preferences, and personalizing your overall experience with nawiwi Services. Furthermore, for users of voice, image, and camera services, nawiwi employs personal information, such as texts, voice input, images, and videos, to respond to requests, provide requested services, and enhance service quality.

In compliance with legal obligations, nawiwi collects and uses personal information, such as seller details for identity verification and other regulatory purposes. Communication with users regarding nawiwi Services is facilitated through various channels, including phone, email, and chat, utilizing personal information for effective engagement.

We also utilize your personal information for research and development purposes, aiming to enhance and refine our products and services. Through data analytics, we derive insights about individual preferences, needs, and behaviour to make informed predictions, recommendations, and product improvements. Additionally, we aggregate and anonymised information about user interactions to create anonymised statistics for research purposes and utilizing the data for marketing, promotion, and the ongoing enhancement and development of our platform.

nawiwi also employs personal information for advertising purposes, displaying interest-based ads for relevant features, products, and services. Importantly, Nawiwi ensures that personally identifiable information is not used for interest-based ads. Lastly, fraud prevention and credit risk management involve the use of personal information to safeguard customers, Nawiwi, and others by preventing and detecting fraudulent activities and assessing credit risks through scoring methods.


Data Tracking Technologies

  • Use Of Cookies, Identifiers And User Control Options

We employ Cookies and similar tracking technologies like beacons, tags, and scripts to monitor user activity on Our Service and store specific information, aiming to enhance and analyze Our Service. These technologies include Browser Cookies, small files on Your Device, which, if rejected, may limit certain parts of the Service accessible to You. Web Beacons, also known as clear gifs, pixel tags, and single-pixel gifs, are electronic files embedded in certain sections of our Service and emails to track user interactions and gather website statistics.

Cookies can be categorized as “Persistent” or “Session.” Persistent Cookies persist on Your device when offline, while Session Cookies are deleted upon closing the web browser. We use both types for various purposes, including Necessary/ Essential Cookies administered by Us, ensuring essential services and preventing fraudulent account use. Cookies Policy/ Notice Acceptance Cookies identify user acceptance of cookies on the Website. Functionality Cookies administered by us remember user choices for a personalized experience, such as login details and language preferences. Tracking and Performance Cookies, administered by Third-Parties, track website traffic and user behaviour for analysis and improvement.

For more details about the cookies we use and options regarding them, please refer to our Cookies Policy or the Cookies section of our Privacy Policy. The information explains the purpose of each cookie type and how they enhance user experience, authenticate users, and contribute to the overall functionality and performance of Our Service.

At nawiwi, user privacy and control are paramount. We offer a range of user control options to ensure transparency and respect for personal information. Users can manage cookie preferences, update account settings, opt-out of data collection and marketing communications, request data access and rectification, deactivate or delete accounts, specify communication preferences, customize privacy settings for apps and services, and manage marketing permissions. These options empower users to tailor their privacy settings, providing flexibility and choice in alignment with individual preferences. For detailed information on exercising these options, users can refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our dedicated privacy support team.

Our commitment to user control reflects our dedication to fostering a secure and personalized user experience, where individuals have the autonomy to shape their privacy preferences within the Nawiwi ecosystem.


Information Sharing

  • Involvement of Third Parties – Emphasis on Transparency in Sharing Practices

At nawiwi, we know trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure, and never selling it to third parties. Your data is used solely to enhance your Nawiwi experience, and here’s how:

Sharing with Partners:

Smooth Sailing with Orders: When you purchase from our partner brands, your relevant information might be shared to ensure smooth order fulfilment and delivery. Rest assured, this data is only used for that specific purpose.

Apps and Extras Galore: If you choose to use any of the exciting apps or add-ons offered by our partners, data sharing might be required. We’ll always let you know beforehand and give you the option to say “thanks, but no thanks.”

Behind-the-Scenes Support

Trusted Helpers: We partner with reliable third-party providers for tasks like secure payment processing, fraud prevention, and data analysis. These trusted allies have limited access to your information solely for the purpose of fulfilling their duties and are strictly prohibited from using it for any other reason.

Business Transitions: Changing Hands but Not Hearts: If nwiwi ever merges or gets acquired, your data will be treated with the same respect and care. It may become part of the transferred assets, but its privacy protections will remain just as strong.

Keeping You Informed and in Control

Transparency Matters: We believe in open communication. Before your data is shared with any non-essential third party, we’ll inform you and provide you with the option to opt-out. You’re always in the driver’s seat of your nawiwi journey.


Security Measures

Outline of Data Security Protocols, Highlighting Encryption for Data Transmission Security

At nawiwi, safeguarding the security and privacy of your information is paramount, driving our meticulous design of systems that prioritize your protection. Employing robust encryption protocols and software, we ensure the secure transmission of personal data. Adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in handling credit card information underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest security standards.

Our comprehensive approach extends beyond digital measures, encompassing physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards throughout the entire lifecycle of customer personal information. To enhance device security, users have control over configurable features tailored to their needs, offering an added layer of defense against unauthorized access and data loss. Emphasizing the importance of user responsibility, we encourage the use of unique passwords and advocate for signing off on shared computers, aligning with our dedication to stringent security measures against loss, misuse, and alteration of information under our control.

While our site implements stringent security guidelines and utilizes secure servers during information transmission, we acknowledge the evolving nature of online threats. Users are reminded of the shared responsibility in protecting against unauthorized access, and we recommend accessing our services within secure environments. As part of this collaborative effort, users play a pivotal role in maintaining the security of their User ID and password, ensuring disclosure to no one to further fortify their personal information against potential risks.


             User Rights And Access

  • How Users Can Access Their Personal Information, Management Options For User Privacy Preferences

Explore the “Your Account” section on our website to access a spectrum of personal information, ranging from your name, address, and payment options to profile details, membership specifics, household settings, and comprehensive purchase history.

Questions regarding the collection and usage of your personal information can be directed to our Customer Service. Our nawiwi Services provide settings allowing you to customize how your information is utilized. While you retain the choice to withhold certain information, it’s important to note that this may limit your ability to fully benefit from our services. You can update information, manage communication preferences, adjust personalized advertising settings, and control recommendations. Our Help feature guides you on managing browser settings, including cookies, ensuring a seamless experience on nawiwi Services.

Data Management and Rights:

As a user, you have the ability to manage data usage preferences, opt out of certain data usage, and request access to or deletion of your personal information in accordance with applicable law. If you wish to exercise any of these rights or queries, visit our Data Privacy Queries. Note that depending on your data choices, certain services may have limitations or be unavailable. Your privacy is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to manage and safeguard your personal information.


      Children’s Privacy

  • Age Limitations for Users, Guidance for Parents on Monitoring and Controlling Child’s Online Activity

We prioritize the privacy and safety of children online, implementing age limitations for users to ensure a secure digital environment. We provide guidance for parents, empowering them to actively monitor and control their child’s online activity. Recognizing the unique considerations surrounding children’s privacy, our commitment extends to fostering a responsible and protective online ecosystem for the younger members of our community. This includes clear guidelines for age-appropriate usage and empowering parents with the tools they need to make informed decisions regarding their child’s online interactions. Our services are not for children under the age of 13, unless such provision is supervised by their parental consent.


Legal Rights

  • Assurance of Compliance with Privacy Standards

Data Accuracy and Updates:

Maintaining accurate and updated personal data is vital. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of any changes during your nawiwi journey. We want to ensure you receive the best possible experience.

Your Data Rights:

Data protection laws grant you specific rights regarding your personal data with Nawiwi. These include:

Access: Request a copy of your data to see what we hold.

Correction: Ensure accuracy by notifying us of any corrections needed.

Erasure: Choose to permanently delete your data from our systems.

Objection/Restriction: You can object to or restrict how we process your data.

Data Portability: Request a transfer of your data to another entity.

Unsubscribe: Easily opt out of receiving emails and newsletters.

Account Closure:

For permanent data deletion and account closure, simply click this link and follow the instructions. Please note that closing your account deactivates access to all associated products and services.

Request Limitations:

While we strive to fulfil all requests, we may be unable to do so in certain situations, such as impossible requests or lack of sufficient identity verification information. We will always explain our rationale for any such denial.


Personalized Nawiwi Ads: Unveiling Your Options

At nawiwi, we strive to make your shopping experience as personal and delightful as possible. That includes the ads you see! We partner with trusted third-party advertising companies to deliver relevant and engaging ads tailored to your interests.

Here’s how it works:

  • These partners utilize “cookies” – tiny bits of information stored on your browser – to gather insights about your browsing habits on nawiwi and other websites. Rest assured, this information excludes sensitive details like your name, address, email, or phone number.
  • Based on these insights, they curate ads showcasing products and services that might genuinely pique your interest. Think of it as your own personal shopping assistant whispering about hidden gems you might just love.

Transparency and Control:

We believe in empowering you, so you have complete control over your ad experience:

  • Opt-out anytime: If you prefer a traditional ad-free approach, you can easily opt-out of personalized ads through your browser settings.
  • Learn more: Want to dive deeper? Our Privacy Policy delves into the specifics of our advertising practices and provides additional information about your data rights.

Remember, our goal is to enhance your nawiwi journey by showcasing relevant and exciting products you might not have discovered otherwise. But if personalized ads aren’t your cup of tea, you have the power to say “no thanks.”


 Policy Updates and Revisions

  • Commitment to Notify Users of Changes and Specification of Regular Privacy Policy Reviews and Updates

Staying Up-to-Date with nawiwi Privacy Commitments

  • We’re in it for the long haul: At nawiwi, we’re dedicated to protecting your privacy, and that means staying current with evolving laws and best practices. That’s why we regularly review and update our Privacy Policy to ensure it reflects the latest advancements in data protection.
  • You’ll always be in the know: Whenever we make significant changes to our Privacy Policy, we’ll make sure you’re well-informed. We’ll provide clear and timely notices through prominent announcements on our website, email notifications, or other appropriate channels.
  • Transparency is key: We believe in open communication. You can always find the most up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy on our website, so you can easily access it whenever you have questions about your data and how we handle it.

Your trust is our priority. We’re committed to keeping you informed and empowered about your privacy choices at Nawiwi.


  • Reassurance Of nawiwi Commitment To User Privacy And Encouragement For Users To Regularly Review The Privacy Policy For Updates

At nawiwi, your trust is our most valuable asset. We understand the importance of protecting your personal information and ensuring you feel empowered about your data. That’s why we’re committed to the highest standards of data privacy and transparency.


This Privacy Policy outlines our practices in detail, but know that it’s more than just words on a page. It’s our promise to you, a pledge to safeguard your information and use it responsibly.

We believe in being upfront and providing you with all the information you need to make informed choices about your data. That’s why we encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly, especially as we update it to reflect changes in regulations and our evolving practices. By staying informed, you can feel confident in your nawiwi experience. We’re passionate about creating a trusted and secure online shopping environment where you can focus on discovering amazing products and enjoying every step of your journey.

Remember, your privacy is always our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to listen and ensure you feel comfortable and in control at nawiwi.

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