We believe that Nigeria and Africa will do better in every way when we embrace our own.

Our Story

We are true believers in the African dream.

nawiwi is built on the foundation of communal success. We believe in the fact that Nigeria and indeed Africa will have better outcomes in every ramification when we embrace our own. At nawiwi we list the best products made by Nigerians, made in Nigeria, made in Africa and made by Africans, for the world. We are true believers in the African dream and potential, so we have created this community that is about the passion, creativity and hard work of the amazing people to this continent, showcasing it to the world and securing prosperity for our people. 

Our candour is founded on the pentagon of COMMUNITY, QUALITY, ELEGANCE, INTEGRITY, and COSMOPOLITANISM. When we think about Africa, we see a future that is magical and it starts one product at a time. We are a technological company that propels Africa to the world.

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Company History Timeline
Founded in 2020
The World Wide Web is Created (2018)
First Purchase (2019)
Online shopping totals over $1mn (2020)
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The world is waiting to experience your creation. Join a thriving community of producers and creators of products made in Nigeria, made by Nigerians, made in Africa, made by Africans and sell globally.

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